Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sticks and Stones May Break My Bones But Anonymous Slander Will Never Hurt Me

So I am trying as hard as possible to keep this blog about things I'm working on outside of my "day job." I really feel like there is no reason for you guys (unless you know me personally of course) to know what said "day job" is. It's not interesting. It's boring. I'm venturing beyond it. Nevertheless, something has arisen that crosses the border into something I thought I'd share with you guys.

I called up a future boss of mine. I have worked for her before in a wonderful establishment that brings art to people. If you have ever been afraid that you're "not good enough" or just want to try something new, this is the place to go. I was just calling her to talk through some business things such as signing my contract and pay. She alerts me that she has received an ANONYMOUS letter against me.

The anonymous letter said some pretty serious stuff. It accused me of being rude, alcoholic, a drug addict and a slut. The author of said letter claimed that she had in fact grown up with me and attended my high school. She also claimed to have a four year old daughter. I know no one who fits this description. I have one friend who I grew up with and she would never say such hateful things about me. 

I have a couple of theories. Either A) This is someone out to get me and is lying about the four year old or B) They have the wrong name because my name is well... common. If the answer to my dilemma is choice A, I would like to let everyone know that there have been plenty of false claims about me and there is no way anyone is ever going to get me down. I'm going to excel far beyond people who sit around and spew hate and then don't even have the nerve to sign their name. Just remember, if you're talking shit about me it must mean I'm not boring! 

Even if the latter choice is true, and I hope it is, it is ridiculous to send a letter to someone's place of employment. If you obviously haven't seen this person since high school (which would be about seven years for me now) give them time to grow and learn from their mistakes. Not everyone is going to be perfect when they're 17. In fact, no one is anywhere near adulthood at 17. Don't go around trying to ruin people's lives just because your life is boring and you are jealous. A person's job is an important thing, especially in this economy. 

Due to the fact that the letter was anonymous, my future boss didn't have to take it into serious consideration. The entire board and staff of this place however did see the letter so I have to deal with their preconceptions of me now. Thank god I know most of them already. 

I should just start a blog called "DRAMA RAMA" to fill you guys in on all the ridiculous stuff that happens to me. 

Update on other stuff: I have emailed out my interviews and articles will be done as soon as those come in. 

On Sunday I assisted my boyfriend on a food photo-shoot via food styling. It was tons of fun and pics will be up shortly. 

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